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Author: leonardo (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: August 10, 2010 11:58 AM
Version: A1
Views: 117,897
Downloads: 1,389
Demo URL:
License: Apache License, Version 2


***Warning! moving Demo Server to Amazon ****
Source Moved to Github: http://github.com/levancho/flex-shell

FlexShell is a flex 3(possibly 2 as well) barebone framework
(43k/3994 lines of code).
It contains:
-User authentication api,
-System management functionality,
-Easy Module loading and management functionality etc..
-Full Plugin and Extension api.
.. more details coming soon.

@see Demo Link, Wiki and Blog for some doc and info...

P.S:Framework at this stage breaks flex 2 comparability. see 02/12/09 - v 0.9.0 E.

*** Internal Alpha1 Released on 02/15/09 ***
*** Binary release will be available after major relase 1 ***

added new Dashboard Demo


02/16/09 -v A1
** second demo app added ***
- SecurityManager Refactoring
- bug fix with authentication event firing before role based modules are completely loaded.
- bug fix with SecurityManager not able to register - listener at early stages of initialization.
- refactored defaultAuthenticationProvider.
- new api method getModule(modulename);
(introduced bug: unabled to load rpc bundle etc ...,class linking bug) . will be fixed next release.

02/15/09 - v 09.3.0 A1
*** First Internal Alpha release ***
- refactoring :
-- CoreEngine Api methods .
-- ColibryLoader methods (remove toxic methods and properties)
-- unified gen APi to get managers, instead of ManagerClass.GetIsntance() changed to CoreEngine.getInstance().getManagerXXX().
-- SysAuthToken Enforcment, through Securitymanager.isSystemAuthToken check.
-- several bugfixes.

02/14/09 - v 0.9.1 E
- added sysAuthToken, without it no way to construct highly sensitive objects like : FSResponse, User, etc ..
- removed Securitymanager.getInstance() instead use CoreEngine().getInstance().getSecurityManager().
- token replacement feature in flexshell config file.
- context relative url inclusion in flex shell config file.
- DefaultAuthenticator factoring.
- "run secure Action" button - added action counter .
- bug fixes.

02/12/09 - v 0.9.0 E
-FSVersion Validation against version declared in FS config file.
-Code size optimization FS is 45K.
-applied more fs_internal namespaces to some public methods
- more API methods have been internalized.
- changed ISecurityAuthenticator Api, adn the way user authentication flow is handled.
- animation on logout button
- cleared warning
- changed module loading mode, from asynch to synch mode.
-- oh, almost forgot, this release officially breaks support for Flex2, due to : ResourceManager

02/12/09 - v 0.8.7 E
- about 40% of ASdocs done (first draft)
- Removed some unused Interfaces and methods
- removed Version check from application,
- modified all version methods to take FSVersion instead of String.
- added FSResourceManager to retrieve resources Flex 3 way.( I know I broke Flex2 comparatability )
- added visible/invisible toggle to logout button
- added FSSecurityStateChange Event.

02/09/08 - v E
added FSVersion class wich will track versioning and compartability with plugins and ext.
- code refactoring moved everyhting under com.ledtechdesign.
- added 20% of asdoc entries.
- new button on main toolbar displaying security Event bind to button enabled/disabled state.
- misc bugixes.

01/26/09 - v 0.8.1 E
- New SystemBoard (SystemConsole)
- new Environment info tab
- new memory allocation Tab
- new Flexshell Info added properties List

01/25/2009 - v 0.7.9 E
- Added More Functionality to System Board (Console),
-- CG kick start function,
-- Environmental Grid, etc ...
- major Refactoring, removed flexshell_api mergec code from flexshell_colibri
made unified flexshell project instead.
- bigfux with Role based plugin not getting called to init when there is ondemand Module in Que.
- Bug Fix with Code bypassing activation phase and allowing app to start even if none of managers have been activated.
- ANT script targets for compc and docs.
- asdocs template

06/05/2008 demo server is temp down.

5/8/2008 - v 0.6.7 E
- added additional property autoCreate=true|false to module node that signals loader to create module
after it is loaded.
P.S : plugins are always automatically created.
- all errors piped through sysManager
-logger pipped through SysManager .
- latest version Demo coming soon

4/22/2008 - v 0.6.5 E
-ability to run your arbitrary function associated with role,
if user is authenticated,function is run if authenticated user's role is higher than role associated with action. if user is not authenticated, function is placed in temp que and executed as soon as there is successful authentication
- code refactoring
- Bugfixes

4/10/2008 - v 0.6.1 E
updated wiki documentation :

04/09/2008 - v 0.6.1 E
-updated demo,
-NEW! System Board Plugin ,it only shows stats about all managers, and their plugins/modules.
-NEW! Preloader
-ABaseManager refactoring(Step 1) done.
-Bug Fixes

04/07/08 - v 0.6.1 E
- refactored Shell.as
- Plugin loading based on Role is now supported
- added Manager Activation state check and transition
- added new Loader View using lightGauge Component.
- several Bug fixes .
- AsyncLoader will be most likely deprecated.

EXPERIMENT -- added new experimental Gauge Loader View.

Integration with BlazeDS started :
1 atempt : - replaced HttpServiceProvider (user aithentication) with BlazeHttpServiceProvider.
now data travels across the network using amf channel which is more secure and faster than plain text.
P.S this is just a tip of an iceberg, more to come soon.( container managed security Integration).

added Service node to fshell-config.xml, each --manager can have service node, which
--allows to load and dynamically add additional configuration nodes via --service call (currently only through httpService)

Demo Version updated to 0.5.6
includes -
module Preloading
module loading based on Role(after login)
module loading -onDemand (sample buttons inside
-added user demo2(with different Role)
-added README inside demo app.
-- added Version support from configuration file.


Fs-demo - main application


flexshell_extern - all external code (HashMap and crypto)

Issue Tracker:

2 {core} move ConfigurationFactory in Seperate Module Fixed 01/25/09 11:54 PM
4 [Security] Authentication Plugin Open 04/22/08 1:09 AM
9 Role Based loading for Plugins [V2.x] Fixed 04/10/08 11:23 PM
8 onDemand Loading needs to let caller register load complete event listener Fixed 03/21/08 11:03 PM
7 Role Based Loading does nod consider role weight Fixed 03/18/08 10:51 PM

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